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The expert Dr. Steven Greer

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to some dozen other experts, who all know one:


A wonderfull transportation technology is in the hands of secret sections of the military and is hidden from the public.

The experts claim disclosure and civil use. Itís a bit complicated, because itís bound together with the E.T.-question, which is still a big taboo. But why? The world will not change, when we acknowledge the existence of other cultures in the universe, and will not change, when we become aware of their visits to our planet. Most people already guess (80%), and many already know. We could imagine that† disclosure and introduction of the new technology take place in 2012, the announced time of big shifts.


The Bilderberg-Group of sick billionaires is trying everything to avert the disclosure, because this means the end of their subversive dominance and the end of the money stream into their pockets, the end of all the fraud in many fields, possible in a society,† where one half of the people must live with an IQ of 99 or below, without sound judgment, believing in place of knowing. Sly persons with advanced influence tools as the BB-billionaires can make them believe what they want and make them dependant. They can make money by fraud. They can build up dominance by conquering the political tops (via their hands in uncontrolled political parties, nobody controlling candidates in regard to mental diseases) and hijake the state. Untill now ďthe backgroung government, the criminal enterpriseĒ (=words of Dr. Greer) has conquered more and more subversive power.


The dominance of the billionaires and the influence of their local groups is threatened. So they oppose to the new transportation technology as well as to other advanced technologies. But trees donít grow into the sky. They fall down and die. Sick trees, from† outside looking strong, but inside deeply sick (sadism), are bound to fall still sooner than others! About 2012 the game of the Bilderberg Group is over. The big shifts are about to happen.



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How to board the boat of the perverse Bilderberg-Group?

From which sides can we approach? Which strategies have we already?

Which more should we develope?† F.i. using gene-tech?† How to cure the billionaires and their helping hands, infected by the mental disorder sadism?

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